The songbird that terrorizes neighbourhood with its ambulance siren!

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London, July 11 : A neighbourhood in Britain's Somerset area is being driven to distraction by a blackbird that imitates an ambulance siren everyday at 5 in the morning.

The songbird has learned to copy the alarms of the emergency vehicles dashing to a nearby hospital.

And it can imitate both the rising and falling siren sound and the two-tone warning.

But the early morning trills are a real pain for Nathan Talbot and his family.

Decorator Nathan, 39, and wife Alison, 37, have been woken at dawn every day for three months after the bird perched in their garden.

"At first it was funny but now it's just annoying. I throw stones at it hoping it'll fly away but it never does," The Sun quoted Nathan, as saying.

Sales assistant Alison added: "It is so realistic I thought it was a real ambulance. He's only tiny but the sound is so incredibly loud. There is no drowning it out. My husband tried wolf-whistling at it and it wolf-whistled right back."

The blackbird arrived in the garden in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, in April.

Every morning it sits at the top of the same tree or perches on the roof. It returns through the day and often sings into the evening.

The bird has also copied car alarms and mobile ringtones.

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