Malaysian budget hotels secretly taping couples having sex

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Kuala Lumpur, July 10 : Budget hotel operators in Malaysia secretly videotape their customers having sex and then sell the video to VCD and DVD operators, according to the country's online newspaper Harian Metro.

The sinful crime was exposed by the daily's reporter who posed as a member of a pirated VCD syndicate.

He met the hotel operator who showed him a specially decorated room for rent to couples.

The operator, identified as Jimmy, 30, told him that hidden cameras were fitted in the room facing the bed.

According to Jimmy, he would choose a suitable couple, mostly teenagers and college students, for his movie.

After recording their act, the copies were sold to the syndicates to be made into pornographic VCDs that would fetch anything between for RM1,000 to RM3,000 each, reports The Star Online.

Jimmy also received RM5 as royalty for each copy of VCD sold.

The reporter found that the VCDs were sold at outlets in Petaling Jaya as Asia Bagus Vol. 1 to Vol. 27 on its cover.

An outlet owner, known as Peter, told the reporter that there were VCDs of couples making love taken from all over the country.

He said the ones in demand were those from Malacca as the women were beautiful.

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