Five Roman era tombs unearthed in Macedonian town

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Athens, July 4 : Five intact tombs dating to the Roman era have been unearthed in the town of Krinides in Macedonia.

The town of Krinides (or Crenides) is a town and ancient site that also includes the famed archaeological site of ancient Philippi in the Kavala prefecture in eastern Macedonia, and the seat of the municipality of Philippi.

According to a report by the Athens News Agency, the tombs were discovered by Philippi municipal water board workers while digging for expansion of the local water supply and drainage network in downtown Krinides.

Krinides is situated just a few kilometers from the world-renowned archaeological site of ancient Philippi, and the modern-day town sits atop the ruins of the ancient city that bore the name of King Philip II of Macedon.

Consequently, the accidental discovery of archaeological finds is usual in the area, according to archaeologists.

Archaeologists from the 10th Ephoria of Classical Antiquities were called in immediately after the discovery, and work would begin directly to unearth more finds and for their safe transport to the Archaeological Museum of Kavala.

According to archaeologist Thanassis Salonikios, a total of five tombs were discovered, all of them intact, as well as several more tombs that had been opened in the past.

Most date back to the Roman era, while there are also finds dating to the Byzantine era. Specific dating, however, will be made following lab studies.

Salonikios, who is overseeing the works, said that there were two probable explanations for such a dense concentration of burial monuments in such a small area.

The findings are either a family burial place, given that many of the tombs were found at the same depth, or the site was the center of a crowded cemetery.

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