Saunas, karaoke bars and dance halls corrupting morals of Chinese soldiers

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London, July 2 : The morals of Chinese soldiers are being corrupted by the plethora of saunas, karaoke bars and dance halls that have sprung up around their remote base, an officer has complained.

The officer, who gave his name as Li Xianghui, said that his troops were being bewitched by the "luscious voices" emanating from clubs at Dandong, located on the sensitive border with North Korea.

In a letter to the top Communist Party mouthpiece, the People's Daily, Li said the base was built in a remote location to avoid distraction and that the "illegal entertainment venues" were affecting the "mental stability" of his troops.

"One entertainment venue called 'The Depths of the Night' is just one street away from the base," the officer wrote.

"The real description of this area is inside are training grounds, outside there are dance halls and bugles sound behind the walls, outside are luscious voices, The Telegraph quoted him, as saying.

"Having entertainment venues around the base affects the mental stability of the troops, and causes huge management problems," Li said.

He hoped that hope related authorities will take steps to deal with the illegal entertainment venues to create a healthy training environment for the base so that the soldiers can concentrate fully.

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