Brain stores traumatic memories that haunt for life

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Washington, May 18 (UNI) Emotional and traumatic experience continues to haunt for the rest of life as such strong and persisting memories are stored in a particular robust way by the brain.

This renders effective treatment very difficult. Researchers have now successfully tracked down the molecular bases of ever persistent memories, Science Daily reported.

The expression ''post-traumatic stress disorder'' is once again constantly on everyone's lips in relation to those returning from the Iraq war or survivors of catastrophes such as the tsunami.

This is not a new development, since it always occurs when people experience extreme situations. It is known that emotional memories of both a positive and a negative kind are stored by our brain in a particularly robust way.

Consequently they have a very large effect on our behaviour and, in the case of adverse memories, they can place considerable restrictions on the way we go about our lives.

As a result, we avoid places, smells or objects that remind us of the traumatic experience, because they may trigger severe anxieties.


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