Koirala guardian of Nepal: Maoists

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Kathmandu, May 5: CPN-Maoist is ready to provide Prime Minister and president of Nepali Congress Girija Prasad Koirala the role of guardian, media reports said here today. ''We honour Koirala for his role in the past and feel that his role will not be complete until the drafting of a new constitution,'' Kantipur quoted CPN-M leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai as saying after meeting Koirala at his residence.

''We are much concerned that two power centers will exist with the appointment of Koirala as president. It will further create confusion as we will be going through a critical period while drafting a new constitution,'' Dr Bhattarai said when asked if the Maoists are ready to recognise Koirala as the next president. Koirala can exercise political and moral authority, he said.

CPN-M is still consulting with other political parties on the type of respectful position through which he (Koirala) can exercise political and moral authority, he said. But the executive authority must stay with the Maoists according to people's verdict, he added.

He said all political parties can form a high-level mechanism to guide the government and Mr Koirala can work as its head. ''It is just an alternative but we are open to more discussion and are not rigid. But there should not be two power centers in future,'' he said.

A meeting of all political parties following the seven-party meeting will discuss the formation of a new government and a position for Koirala, Dr Bhattarai said .

The parties are preparing to declare Nepal a federal republic and abolish monarchy when the first meeting of the CA takes place in a few days time.


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