Hen lays egg almost as big as a tennis ball!

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London, May 5 : Call it a miracle or a full-size produce - a hen has laid an egg equivalent in size to a tennis ball and almost four times larger than normal.

Measuring four inches long, this egg is eight inches round and weighs a hefty 7.4oz, and was found at Farmer David Hewitt's Rosedown farm near St Wenn in Cornwall.

"We were absolutely astonished. It's more than twice the weight of a goose egg," The Sun quoted Julie Hewitt, 31, as saying.

Everyday, David, 35, and Julie, mum-of-four, collect 20,000 eggs from the 30,000 chickens they keep on their farm.

"David has been working with chickens all his life so I knew the egg was something incredible when he ran out the barn screaming, 'Look at the size of this'. It's perfect and has a really hard shell," said Julie.

Meanwhile, the largest ever egg was laid by a Black Minorca hen in England in 1896 and weighed nearly 12oz and had made it to the Guinness World Records.

And it was only last week that a hen in Lavenham, Suffolk, laid what may be called as Britain's smallest egg- less than an inch long, a third of an inch in diameter and weighed 0.035oz.

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