Fertility test kits a waste of cash; romantic dinner a better idea

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London, Apr 12 (UNI) Splurging on a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine is a better idea than investing in fertility testing kits, experts advise women struggling to conceive.

Thousands of women spend almost 200 pound on testing kits which are meant to predict their chances of getting pregnant.

The testing kits are meant to reveal how many eggs a woman has left, but they are almost useless as they do not show the quality of the ovaries, experts said in a report in the Daily Mail.

''These kits can make couples unnecessarily worried or misguided into believing that everything is OK,'' head of CARE Fertility in Nottingham and one of the world's leading fertility experts Dr Simon Fishel said.

''Couples should rather spend their money on seeing a professional. Failing that they should go and have a romantic meal out and a good bottle of wine,'' Dr Fishel noted.

Sales of these kits have increased as more couples delay having kids.

In the last two years women have been buying kits which measure levels of three reproductive hormones, Inhibin A, AMH and FSH.

Levels of the first two hormones drop as a woman approaches menopause, while FSH levels rise, thus giving a guide to the number of eggs one has left.

Although, the tests give an indication of how many eggs a woman has left, doctors said it doesn't show the quality of the eggs, which is one of the most important factors for a woman trying to get pregnant.

A woman's chronological age is a better predictor of fertility.

Women need to be warned that these kits are very expensive and give accurate information. They are a waste of money, they said.


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