Zzzzzz... during day to cause heart attack: Study

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London, Feb 22 (UNI) Regular cat naps one during the day may be an early warning sign of stroke risk, medics say.

According to a study, stroke risk was 4.5 times higher in ''significant dozing'' group, 2.6 times higher in the ''some dozing'' group compared to those in the ''no dozing'' group.

''These are significant numbers. We were surprised that the impact was that high for such a short period of time,'' said lead researcher Bernadette Boden-Albala, who monitored the health of 2,153 patients with an average age of 73 for more than two years.

During the study, a total of 40 strokes and 127 deaths caused either by strokes or heart attacks were recorded, the Daily Mail reported.

Factors such as age, ethnicity, sex, education, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and low physical activity taken into accordance.

Sleep Research Centre director Jim Horne said daytime dozers should not worry as in many cases daytime sleepiness was due to disrupted sleep at night, especially for elderly people.


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