Koirala attends Basant Srawan, King sidelined

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Kathmandu, Feb 11: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala attended Basanta Srawan ceremony (recital of religious texts) on the occasion of Shree Panchami today.

Mr Koirala attended the ceremony as interim head of the state. Traditionally, the king used to attend the Basanta Srawan ceremony. Nearly 240-year-old insitution of monarchy collapsed as parliament passed a resolution to declare Nepal a federal democratic republic following repeated snatching of power by the king sacking elected government. Koirala reached Basantapur in the morning and listened to the religious sermons for about half an hour.

Senior government officials, army officials, members of the constitutional organs and political leaders were present at the function.

Since the restoration of democracy in the country, Mr Koirala has attended all the religious functions the King used to attend.

Nepali Hindus worship Saraswoti, the Goddess of wisdom, on Basanta Panchami, while Buddhists celebrate the festival with offerings to Manjushree, a religious figure who is said have drained water from Kathmandu valley and converted it into residential place.


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