British prof claims Chirst's scrouge 'light'

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London, Feb 3 (UNI) How would it feel if you were nailed to a cross and left to die like Jesus Christ? Professor Terry Eagleton feels it is a ''pretty light'' punishment. The outspoken Marxist academician claimed that the crucifixion of Christ ''wasn't as bad as it's been painted'', media reported.

Te Professor of Cultural Theory at the University of Manchester will say on Radio Four's Lent Talks, slated for broadcast on February 20, that Jesus ''got off pretty lightly'' because it only took him three hours to die.

Prof Eagleton claimed Jesus' punisment was a ''blessing in disguise'' as it hastened his death.

''If the New Testament account is to be believed it took him only three hours to die whereas a lot of those killed by this hideous mode of execution thrashed around on their crosses for days,'' the 64-year-old professor will say in his talk, the Daily Mail reported.

The professor further attacked modern Christianity, saying the faith has abandoned the poor and dispossessed in favour of the ''rich and aggressive''.

Professor Eagleton's remarks in the run-up to Easter have highly piqued traditionalists, who also criticised the BBC for commissioning him.

Responding to the remarks, the Bishop of Durham, the Rt Rev Tom Wright who will also speak on the show said it is all a bit tired and sad.

''The professor might also like to get his facts straight. Jesus took six hours to die on the cross, not three,'' Bishop Wright added.


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