Brit teachers reject patriotism lessons

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London, Feb 2 (UNI) British students should not be taught patriotism because of ''moral failings'' in the country's past, London teachers said in a survey.

Nearly 90 per cent opposed plans for history and citizenship lessons aimed at fostering national identity and pride.

The Institute of Education polled 47 teachers and 299 students at secondary schools in the capital and in its report said Britain's ''morally ambiguous'' history suggested patriotism should be covered as a ''controversial issue'' only, the Daily Mail reported.

''Praising patriotism excludes non-British pupils. Patriotism about being British in my experience tends to be a white preserve so divides groups along racial lines, when what we aim to do is bring pupils to an understanding of what makes us all the same,'' said one of the teachers.

Michael Hand, the report's author, said, ''The case for promoting patriotism in schools is weak. Patriotism is love of one's country, but are countries really appropriate objects of love? Loving things can be bad for us, for example when the things we love are morally corrupt.

''Since all national histories are at best morally ambiguous, it's an open question whether citizens should love their countries,'' he added.


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