Ipods safe for cardiac pace makers: Study

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Washington, Feb 1 (UNI) This piece of news will definitely sound music to the ears of all the music addicts who love to wear ear plugs and walk in rhythm with their ipods on.

A US Food and Drug Administration study yesterday revealed that portable media players such as iPods did not produce enough of an electromagnetic field and were unlikely to interfere with heart pacemakers.

The researchers conducted an experiment using a saline-filled bag to simulate the human body and a coil sensor designed to pick up electromagnetic emissions. They measured the magnetic fields and voltages delivered to the inside of the pacemaker by the magnetic fields from the iPods.

All the measurements indicated the iPods could not affect cardiac pacemakers, FDA researcher Howard Bassen reported in the journal BioMedical Engineering OnLine.

The experts concluded that no interference effects could occur in pacemakers exposed to the iPods tested contrary to earlier studies that showed its interference with the pacemaker UNI XC SYU SSC1258

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