Villagers in Punjab believe Pakistan Radio allegation that Sikhism is considered a part of Hinduism

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Ludhiana, Jan 22 : The latest effort of the Pakistan Radio to sow misunderstanding among Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab has been to broadcast items which try to project that the Government in India does not considers Sikh religion a separate religion, but a part of Hindu religion.

'Punjabi Durbar' programme of Pakistan Radio in one of its recent broadcast dwelt on this subject, which has angered villagers living along the Indo-Pak border of Punjab.

This is not the first time that Punjabi Durbar programme has annoyed people of the state. In the past too it had tried to infuse separatist ideas, but received hard-hitting replies.

"Pakistan Radio is used to circulate gossip and promote misunderstanding. Hindus and Sikhs live in a very peaceful and conducive atmosphere. We don't have any differences," an annoyed villager said.

He went on to say that in Punjab people celebrate together Hindu, Sikh or Muslim festivals "with immense bonhomie."

This is not the first time that the credentials of Pakistan Radio were being questioned as it persistently tries to spread disinformation through its "Punjabi Durbar" programme.

Another villager feels that the Pakistan Government wants to promote differences. "People of every religion live here in peace and harmony. We don't have any differences of any sort", he says.

Coming down heavily on elements in Pakistan for propagating falsehoods and to provoke people leave the path of development, a villager said: "Pakistan is doing all this to hide its own weaknesses."

Though Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has revoked the emergency, the law and order situation in Pakistan is still tense. Pakistan Radio is spreading falsehood to hide that internal turmoil.

Punjab has earned the epithet "Granary India" for its enterprising spirit, and the untiring toil of its people.

Indian Punjab's average growth rate of 10 per cent is amongst the highest in the country, clearly reflecting the progressive economy of the state. Punjab has one of the highest per capita incomes in India.

Today, Punjab has become a land of boundless opportunities, offering distinct advantages for investment and industry.

People of Punjab, who are dynamic, have worked hard to enrich the soil, develop water resources, and adapt agricultural technology to usher the "green revolution" in the State.

The state has emerged as a major producer of wheat and rice. It has also provided the impetus for "White Revolution", during Operation Flood, and recorded the highest per capita availability of milk.

Pakistan Radio's 'Punjabi Durbar' exhortations have had little or no impact on Sikhs.


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