Nano's cost equivalent to a Jaguar's navigation system: NYT

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Washington, Jan 17 : Giving all kudos to Ratan Tata for giving the world the cheapest car, the New York Times has equated its cost to the navigation system of a new Jaguar.

In its editorial titled 'The Other Nano', the NYT says, " What do a '73 Volkswagen Bug, a navigation system on a new Jaguar and a brand new Nano sedan have in common? Two things: they cost about 2,500 dollars and involve the Indian entrepreneur Ratan Tata."

The daily points out that in a scenario when people in the West owe "gas-guzzling behemoths," it would be "hypocritical to begrudge people in poor countries owing an affordable car."

The daily drew a parallel between this dual standard with the "hypocrisy of the dealers who have resisted Tata's bid for the Jaguar on grounds that Indian ownership would erode the brand's prestige."

It, however, maintains that gas-driven automobiles damage the environment, adding, "The notion of loosing millions upon millions of new carbon emitters on our planet is not something to celebrate."

At a time when we are admiring Tata's business and engineering acumen in creating the Nano, "we ardently wish that he would focus his talents elsewhere, creating transportation that is both affordable and doesn't emit ever more greenhouse gases. That would be something for the whole world to celebrate and buy."

Tata, the Chairman of the Tata Group is currently the leading bidder to buy Jaguar from the Ford Motor Company. Last Thursday, he unveiled a cute five-door hatchback called Nano.

Tata has confounded his detractors by announcing that the car would conform to all Indian emission norms and would also meet the requirements of most stringent western countries on the environmental front.

"In terms of pollution, it today conforms to Bharat-3, and in fact, today with this engine, we will indeed meet Euro-4, which is not yet required in this country," Tata had said.

The three-cylinder 800-cc petrol engine car would give mileage of 22 Km per litre (kmpl) to 26 kmpl on highway and it has a 33 brake horse power (bhp) of power.

Nano have a 30-litre fuel tank, four-speed manual gearshift, Front disk and rear drum brakes. It will come with air conditioning, but will have no power steering.


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