Short sleep leads to obesity in kids: study

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London, Jan 2 (UNI) Obesity or a good night's sleep, ask your child to choose between the two.

In a recent study, it was found that children face greater risk of becoming obese if they do not get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep leads to hormonal changes in the stomach and fat cells, which in turn stimulate the appetite level and thus leads to overeating, the research noted.

Talking about the adverse effects of short sleep, Professor Ed Mitchell of New Zealand's University of Auckland said, ''Sleep is important for health and well-being throughout life. Our results show a strong effect of short sleep duration on risk of obesity even when levels of daytime activity are adjusted for.'' ''Attention to sleep in childhood may be an important strategy to reduce the obesity epidemic,'' he emphasised.

Watching television or playing computer games for long periods before bedtime simply aggravate the problem. It is suggested that parents should ensure a relaxing environment in the bedroom for a good night's sleep, the Daily Telegraph reported yesterday.

Over the last two decades, child obesity rates have trebled. In the developed world, with maximum number of obesity cases, the United States hits the list, followed by Britain.


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