Saudi people divided on fatwa banning Quranic ringtones

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Dubai, Nov 10 (UNI) People in Saudi Arabia were divided on a recent religious ruling that prohibited 'Quranic' ringtones on mobile phones.

The ruling by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Aal Al-Sheikh came during a meeting of the Islamic Fiqh Council, which entertained three papers regarding the ''misuse of 'Quranic' verses for communication purposes''.

The reason given by the Mufti was that the Holy Quran is the greatest gift for all Muslims and humanity, and should be used with dignity, full respect and appreciation.

But many people interviewed by Saudi Gazette newspaper disagreed with the ruling. Those who opposed the fatwa said that it was not logical and that the ring tones reminded them always of worship.

However those who supported the ban said the ruling was appropriate as it was an insult to the holiness of the Quran, especially if the person enters the bathroom with the mobile phone and also because the verses are holy and should not be interrupted when someone calls.


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