Spring and summer collection at LFW

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Mumbai, Oct 17: Designers Raakesh Agarwal, Nitin Bal Chauhan and Anuj Sharma showcased their collections on the last day of the Lakme Fashion Week here at the NCPA in Mumbai.

Spring and summer collection 08

Raakesh Agarwal showcased his spring/summer 08 collection as a tribute to the new age woman who is ''unabashedly unapologetically glamorous''.

Designer Nitin Bal Chauhan presented his spring/summer 08 collection called ''I cannot see my content face''. Clothes, more often than not, are a mirror of what one goes through in life, Nitin said.

He explained his collection, ''There have been infinite occasions in the civilised world where individuals or a group of individuals have been ill treated victimized or wronged by our society. Such moments reach the pinnacle of sadism, pain suffering and anguish.

The victim is rebuked, physically abused, mocked and mentally tortured to such an extent that there remains no chance to salvage his body or soul.'' Hence, in his collection, audience saw thin cotton panels in black juxtaposed over a white background emphasize the aftermath of such events. The cuts were sharp and seams turn angular hiding the wounds and holding the body together.

Geometric angles at LFW

Designer Anuj Sharma gave drapes a geometric angle at LFW today. Using only satin in black and white and in a specific measurement of just 110 x 180 centimeters, Anuj proved that he can create drapes in geometric forms to keep the audience engrossed for a whole show.

Resembling the toga but in a more intricate manner with piping that varied from black, white, yellow to red for the two base fabrics, Anuj felt that with such a limited amount of fabric he should allow it to fall into place according to its draping qualities.

Anuj Sharma proved that in such a stringent quantity of fabric one can create garments that can be shown on the catwalk for the complete show.


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