Never mind Mr Geelani, we know 'being unreasonable' comes with old age

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Now that Mr Syed Ali Geelani, the ill-famed Hurriyat leader, has been ALLOWED to fly out of India on grounds of his daughter's health, he should show some respect to the INDIAN generosity and stop misbehaving.

Even while we say that, he continues to break the decorum inside the passport office too. Firstly, his forms were incomplete, without a photograph, fees or biometric details. Forgiven!

Syed Ali Geelani

But what about the sudden burst of sentiment when he was asked about his nationality? "By birth I am not Indian", he said. After hoisting the Pakistani flags on Indian soil and sloganeering against India in your rallies,  should he be forgiven this time?

Secondly, if he are not an Indian by birth, he is not entitled for an Indian passport in the first place.

Sir, Beg, plead, sit on your knees but you are simply a non-existent entity on the Indian soil. Or do we call you a refugee or in 'asylum'?

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But for OUR generosity and non-extremist background, we still forgive you. After all, you are a senior citizen here.

For our readers: A recap

The leader had sought an Indian passport to visit his daughter Farhat Jabeen Geelani, who has been admitted to a hospital in Saudi Arabia in a critical condition.

While BJP had criticised him strongly, the PDP-BJP coalition government was strongly divided over the issue. BJP demanded that he should first prove his loyalty and can then be allowed to fly out. It also demanded that he should not be given his travel documents till he apologises for his anti-national activities.

Geelani 2

However, on May 22, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed that Geelani can fly out and the government has no objections to that. However, defence minister Manohar Parrikar had said that Geelani will have to write "Indian" in the nationality column to apply for the passport.

On May 30, Geelani in a rally had said,"Pakistan runs in our blood and Kashmiris will continue to raise Pakistani flags. Raising of Pakistani flag is a tradition in Kashmir. It has been happening since 1947. Pakistan has been the biggest supporter and well wisher of our cause". "Indian state cannot suppress the Kashmiri youth who would continue to show their love for Pakistan in future like they have done in the past 68 years," he added.

No worries, Mr Geelani. You can be dealt with some other time. But, we respect your relations and hope your daughter a speedy recovery.

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