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    BMC polls: Sachin Tendulkar, wife Anjali cast their votes   
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    Twin blasts near a court in Charsadda: Pak Media   
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    BMC polls: Actress Rekha, director Zoya Akhtar cast their votes   
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    MNS Chief Raj Thackeray casts his vote   
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    Royal Dutch Airlines flight from Delhi to Amsterdam diverted to Moscow due to a medical emergency   
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    Nitin Gadkari casts his vote for Nagpur Municipal Corporation polls   
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    Mumbai local body polls: BJP's Shaina NC's name missing from voter's list   
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    Sharad Pawar casts his vote in BMC polls   
Assembly Election 2017: Uttarakhand Manipur Punjab Goa Uttar Pradesh
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3rd ODI, Harare Sports Club, Harare
Match starts on Feb 21st 01:00 pm IST
Vroom! BJP, Shiv Sena’s election race in pothole-riddled Mumbai
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