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How the young leader- Kaka Sahil Thakral handled two diverse roles of Politician & Digital Marketer?

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

When defining a leader we may come across the terms like charismatic, strict , diligent, confident, etc. But the most common denominator that we will find in all the definitions however, is that leadership is an art form. Leadership is never inherited or inbuilt but is acquired and developed. 'The responsibility of many carried by one.' The individual personality of the leader is the determining factor. Leaders can be found in various types, shapes, and forms but each leader is unique in the way they approach and encounter situations. Some being more tolerant, others are more farsighted, and some with a touch of emotions while others standing on the side of their intellect and creativity to adequately take up their role as a leader.

How the young leader- Kaka Sahil Thakral handled two diverse roles of Politician & Digital Marketer?

Today we are going to cover the entire journey of our prominent leader & Marketer-Kaka Sahil Thakral. Coming from political grounds still asserting his hold in technological world. Yes, technological world! It sounds a quite different because it is different! There are hardly any political leaders whom we know to be tied with the technological knots. But the leader that we are going to talk about and know about have never failed to astonish people with their unparalleled wisdom and skills.

Sahil, Popular as Kaka Sahil Thakral who hails from Jamalpur, Bhiwani ,Haryana is has been the contestant of the LOK Sabha Election 2019 From Hisar Lok Sabha as a youngest candidate for such position.

Very rarely we find young faces wrapped in political attire. But Kaka Sahil Thakral, only at the age of 25, contested in the Vidhan Sabha election from Hansi Vidhan Sabha constituency in 2019 holding the position of State President at Samanya Pichra Alpsankhyak Kalyan Samaj (SAPAKS) Party, Haryana. .

Throughout his journey he has realized that the preceding decades have dived deep into the revolution in computing and communications, and all evidences are reasonably vivid for the technological evolution which also claim that usage of information technology will always increase with every passing year. The competition that the information technology faces has always polished it and brought up its best version. It is always updated and upgraded according to the needs of the society.

Kaka Sahil Thakral has deducted the true potential of information technology. As a result, he is also known as one of the best digital marketers in India. Starting from working under the guidance of others to making his own company touch heights, Kaka Sahil Thakral has come a long way. The CEO cum Founder of Make Digital World Easy " A Google Partner Badge Digital Marketing firm, Kaka Sahil Thakral brought up company as no less than a brand. They have expertise in validating goods, services, and brands. The revenue that this company generates does not come without the expenditure of mind and soul. It took lot more than efforts to make his company a well-known and trusted one. Putting all the technological knowledge and experience that he had he created history by making a turnover of over 1 billion.

Moore's law has also put emphasis on the power of technology. It says that the processing power of microchips is multiplied in every 18 months. These advancements render many crucial recourses running parallel to the major challenges they bring with them. Regular innovations and new ideas in information technology are enrolling with wide-ranging outcomes across innumerable domains of society. Kaka has always been in a constant effort of making technology more affordable which has also brought an ease in its access. 'The choices of today will yield the outcomes of tomorrow.' Hence, every step they take is taken with a lot of concern and care .

Kaka Sahil Thakral, he is also seen serving in the fields like Celebrity PR Management, SEO, Brand Creation and Brand Management. He constantly switches and manages both his job as a digital marketer and a politician. He also works as a Political Marketing consultant and governs the tasks of advising and handling political campaigns for leaders. He believes in gaining and sharing knowledge thus leads and trains a number of more than 950 professionals in digital marketing.

Being involved in so drastically different fields of profession he has been awarded with many cherish able awards. He is awarded with Best digital marketer of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2019 by Research Foundation in India. Even the Higher Education Minister Of Madhya Pradesh Shri Jitu Patwari Ji appreciated his skills. Being embedded with such deep knowledge and tactics of technology he has also taken his work to the digital world.

Now his next big adventure is e-commerce, his Online Furniture store funded by GKW Retail offers more than 9000 products of home furniture, office furniture & home decor is very popular among the customers in India & making Online Furniture shopping a very easy task.

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