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“Hard Work Never Goes In Vain” says actor Vishal Krishna

By Anuj Cariappa
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Actor & producer Vishal Krishna speaks about his upcoming movie Laththi and more.

Hard Work Never Goes In Vain: Vishal

1. What do you like the most about your upcoming movie Laththi?

The fact that I have not played the character before makes it very special. I have played the role of higher officials but not a police constable. Normally it is the life of higher officials which is portrayed in movies but here the entire movie is based on the life of a police constable which is very interesting. Basically, it is the survival of existence. The entire body language where you have to salute the higher officers and take orders instead of giving orders, belonging to the middle class section of the society, being a husband and a father to a six year old son all these factors are very refreshing for me. It's completely different from what I have done before. I am working with India's best action choreographer Peter Hein for the first time in my career. He is taking the stunts to the next level which is another experience for me to relish for a lifetime.

2. What do you look upto as an actor, director or a producer?

We all eventually look forward to success but we should not forget the path to success. I am not a director yet but I will be one soon with my upcoming project Thupparivalan 2 which is scheduled for release in 2023. So as a director, producer and an actor all three roles are the most important responsibilities in a film industry. They are the integral part of the cinema industry. Actors are often referred to as god's children as we have been given the opportunity to entertain millions of people. We do have obstacles and it is not going to be a bed of roses all the time but after all the hard work and the effort we put in, it finally yields good results. I believe in this saying "Hard work never goes in vain." This is how I look at it very seriously and I take everything in a healthy way.

3. How do you start your day?

I start my day by waking up at 5.45 am. It all depends on what time my shoot begins if it is a day or a night shoot. I do my breathing exercises which I learnt back in Kerala. I cycle to my location or walk back post my shoot. This is one habit I have inculcated over the years. I do not eat post 8 pm. I keep aside half an hour for all matters related to the South Indian Artist Association, since we won the elections recently. I know it is difficult to maintain the schedule consistently but this will lead to amazing results for a lifetime. My phones are switched off by 9.45 pm. I hit the bed.

4. Tell us about your next movie Mark Antony.

Mark Antony is a Sci-FI thriller. It is again a big budgeted film. I am acting with another popular actor S J Surya. The shoot is scheduled to begin in May. As an actor, we have desires to enact a particular character and it gets fixated in the mind. This movie is giving me an opportunity to showcase my talent in a different way. It is a script that I have been looking for several years and being part of it is like giving a candy to a kid. It is a huge film for me in my entire career not just budget wise but with the script too. Not many movies are made on Sci-FI thrillers. I am really looking forward to be working with director Adhik Ravichandran and my dear friend music director GV Prakash once again after eight years.

5. Do we see actor Vishal as a political leader someday?

We are all political leaders. Anyone who has donated even 100 Rs to someone is a politician. Politics means social service. Serving people is the actual duty of a politician. I see no difference between you, me or a politician sitting in the parliament as we all have served people in some way or the other. Me being a full fledged politician perhaps might happen in the future but I am not really sure when and how as I do not plan anything so much ahead. I go with the flow. That's how I see life.

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