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Founder of HealthAndHealthier, Rituraj Pramanik shares simple tips to keep yourself healthy

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

Rituraj pramanik, a digital marketer, entrepreneur and blogger share a glimpse of what you can expect from HealthAndHealthier on a regular basis.

Founder of HealthAndHealthier, Rituraj Pramanik shares simple tips to keep yourself healthy

Rituraj pramanik is the founder of Healthandhealthier. Along with this, he owns numerous other blogs that are very young but are performing well. His biggest accomplishment has been to establish Healthandhealthier as the top health blog in India. His enthusiasm and passion for this site allowed it to disprove the idea that "new sites cannot rank in Google until they have a large authority." HealthAndHealthier has ranked for 200k keywords in less than two years as of 2022. The blog has a net worth of 16728$.

Along with this, he is helping other businesses to level up quickly, sharply and smartly in the digital market. He is now working with a number of lifestyle businesses, including UrbanGabru, Wow Skincare, MyGlamm, Ustraa, Frimline, Miss Malini, and many more. A brand that people knew nothing about is now recognized and well-known in the global lifestyle market.

The objective of HealthAndHealthier is to create public awareness about the importance of health in today's fast-paced world. HealthAndHealthier is a site dedicated to offering health hacks, lifestyle hacks, common health remedies, medicine information, and so on.

An unhygienic lifestyle is a common problem that leads to diseases in India. People are so busy with their respective work that they generally do not have much time to maintain a healthy life. And this is the prime reason why diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis and high blood pressure have become so common. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will never allow such medical conditions. A healthy lifestyle should include proper maintenance of diet, regular physical exercises, proper sleep and so on. HealthAndHealthier is made to make people aware of how to lead a perfectly healthy lifestyle even in this fast-paced lifestyle.

Rituraj Pramanik rose to prominence as a result of his extraordinary aptitude and abilities. He has done everything from mastering Google's algorithm to ranking among the top 15 health blogs in India. He is a health blogger and digital marketer from Kolkata who specializes in SEO, affiliate marketing, and advertising. He has credentials in pharmaceutical technology as well as Google and Microsoft assessment certification. He quit his job in the core marketing and sales business to pursue a blogging career. He was always attracted by Social Media and enjoyed analyzing its patterns, which led him to start his own business. Despite repeated failures in the SEO industry, he ultimately used his experience to discover the secrets of Google ranking. And finally this led to the rise of HealthAndHealthier.

His efficiency and efficacy have assisted innumerable people in resuming their lives with vitality and zest.

Rituraj and his team are the go-to specialists for social media marketing globally, having helped several firms kill it on over 10+ social media platforms, from being featured in leading publications like Telegraph India, Outlook and Midday to expanding a client's 100,000 followers organically.

His hard concentration and diversified work are now a source of inspiration for many who are attempting to get into this sector. Connecting pharmacy and digital marketing has been a highly effective move, demonstrating that HealthAndHealthier has a long way to go in the near future.

For more updates, you can follow Rituraj's health blog - HealthAndHealthier.com

You can also, follow him on facebook - Facebook.com/riturajpramanik and Instagram - Instagram.com/therituraj

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