Political war breaks out over Gen VK Singh's revelations

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VK Singh's claims raise a storm
New Delhi, Sept 24: A political slug fest has begun after ex-Army General VK Singh made shocking claims on Monday that money was being paid by the Army to the Jammu and Kashmir government to get a particular job done.

On Tuesday the BJP backed Singh but lashed out at Congress and the Omar Abdulla government demanding answers  about the claims made by Singh and said that the charges against Singh were obnoxious. Later during the day BJP held a press conference and said that the government was demoralising the Army with such allegations. Slamming Omar Abdulla government, BJP spokesperson said that the NC should be greatful to Singh and must not blame him.

Reacting to the claims, Minister of Health and Family Welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad said that he was shocked at the details. "I was shocked by V K Singh's startling claims on tv. Am curious to know the names of the minister who were given the money."

Minister of State for Home RPN Singh reacting to the claims made by Singh said that he is politically motivated while he made these claims. "Singh should not have made this issue public. This is information that he was privy to and he should not have disclosed it," he said.

RPN Singh also said that an inquiry must be conducted with regards to the claims.

Ministers demand a probe

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on Tuesday said that Singh must name the politicians invloved. "If details are provided we can investigate into the matter," he said.

J&K Agriculture Minister Ghulam Hassan Mir refused to comment on the issue.

National Conference Chief Farooq Abdulla demanded a CBI probe into the matter saying that "The Army must not fund anybody and if it does then it must stop immediately. Addressing the reporters he said that he was unaware of such funding in the state.

Singh's startling revelations

Singh in an interview said that the Army was paying money to ministers in J&K for particular job and that this was not a hidden fact. "Even the Chief Minister is aware of this or else he would not be running the government," he said.

Singh said that the Army paid the money to get the people together in Kashmir.

According to a secret report filed against him, Singh has been alleged of misusing his post in the Army and the funds given to the force. He laughed off the report and said that those who made the claims were anti-nationals.

He quashed the reports that suggested that he used Rs 1.5 crore to topple the J & K governement ans said that the funding was only done to bring stability in the state. To this claim he said: "If only Rs 1.5 crore was needed our government would have toppled everyday."

The National Conference in J & K has demanded a probe in the issue and has said that mere denial was not sufficient.

Singh: Money was used to bring the people together in J & K

He even went on to add that Kashmir was a different issue all together and that a lot of things are done involving the youth and civic work. " For all this money is needed. A certain amount of money is given for these works," he said.

Brig (retd) V Mahalingam demanded that a probe needs to be carried out against the claims and the report. "It is a treason. Why hasnt the government done anything about it yet," he questioned.

The onus is now on the goverment, that is yet to make a statement on the issue.

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