PM Narendra Modi's visit to US: What New York Times said

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PM Modi's visit to US: What NYT said
New Delhi, Sept 26: "Defying Expectations in India, Modi Begins Key Trip to U.S.", a New York Times article's headline said about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's high-profile visit to the United States starting Friday. [Read the full article here]

"The United States will get a taste of Mr. Modi's style starting Friday. Booked for back-to-back high-pressure appearances during five days in New York and Washington, Mr. Modi, 64, has also announced that he will maintain a strict religious fast for the duration of the visit, which coincides with the Hindu festival of Navratri, consuming only tea and lemonade with honey," the article said.

The visit has made the headlines all the more for the US had denied visa to Modi in 2005 in the wake of the 2002 riots in Gujarat of which he was the chief minister then. Whether Washington did it right in denying Modi a visa continued to be a highly debated subject in the media.

"Rarely has any world leader come full circle the way Mr. Modi has: Denied a United States visa for nearly a decade as punishment for his handling of religious riots that broke out in the state he then led, Mr. Modi flies into New York as an immensely popular leader and a sought-after strategic partner, viewed as uniquely capable of balancing the might of a rising China," the report said.

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