Reports: 39 out of 40 Indian workers may have been killed by ISIS

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New Delhi, Nov 28: Panic has gripped the families of the Indian workers, who were kidnapped by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists in June , as news reports suggested that 39 of the 40 Indian workers were killed by the ISIS terrorists.

According to a report in ABP News, two Bangladeshi workers have claimed that 39 of the 40 Indian workers have been killed by the ISIS terrorists.

Has the ISIS killed abducted Indians?

The workers, Shafi and Hassan who work for a construction company told the channel that they met one Indian, Harjeet, who has managed to escape from the clutches of the terrorists and told them that he had witnessed the killings of the other Indians.

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Shafi said they were travelling to Mosul from Baghdad when they were kidnapped by ISIS militants on the way. There were 51 Bangladeshis and 40 Indian workers in the kidnapped group.

Harjeet told these two Bangladeshi workers that the Indian workers were shot in front of him. Even he was shot but he pretended to be dead, thereby convincing the terrorists that he was indeed dead.

Harjeet too was shot but pretended to be dead

Following this he managed to escape and that is when he met Shafi and Hasan. Shafi says that Harjeet is likely to be in Ebril and is in touch with his mother.

The Indian Government however, earlier had dissmissed the claims saying that the claims made by the lone Indian survisor did not match up to the inputs that they had. Post this report in the news channel, they have said that they would speak to the two Bangladeshi workers to verify the claims.

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