IB note to universities: Afzal Guru fire could spread

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New Delhi, Feb 18: The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has warned that the protests relating to Afzal Guru could turn into a chain reaction across the country. While it began at the JNU, a similar protest was witnessed at the Jadhavpur University as well. The IB in a report submitted to the Home Ministry states that similar protests could take place in other universities as well.

The report states that several students could be lured into the protests and the administration of the universities need to on alert. While on one hand there would be efforts to stage such protests, on the other hand the message that those controlling such events have a larger agenda. Further the report also directs the police to keep a watch on pro Naxalite groups who have become an integral part of such protests.



There has been a deliberate attempt made by some groups to make an icon out of Afzal Guru who was hanged after being held guilty in the Parliament attack. While the death anniversary of Afzal Guru was only observed in Kashmir in the past two years, this year there was a specific plan to observe it in the National Capital. The organisers were aware that holding such an event in the capital would not only give them more publicity, but it would also turn into a chain reaction.

The IB has stated that the administration of the colleges must be on guard and ensure that there is no anti India activity on the campus. Several outsiders may enter into the campus and provoke students, the IB has also warned.

The report further states that some players from across the border would be making attempts to stoke emotions within colleges as it is guaranteed to have a large impact and also turn into a chain reaction.

There has been an uproar over the Afzal Guru issue. Those protesting his hanging say if one goes through the order of the Supreme Court there is a clear sign that there has been miscarriage of justice. His case started off on a very bad note. He could not afford a good lawyer and he had written to the court about the same, those supporting him say.

What has upset the Afzal Guru supporters:

They further add that a junior lawyer was appointed despite him protesting. Afzal had said he felt that the lawyer being allotted to him was biased. The court said that this lawyer would only assist the court. Afzal was finally handed out a death sentence on the basis of his so-called confessional statement.

Signatures from him were obtained by force and the police wrote what they wanted. Even the judgment says that the conviction was based on circumstantial evidence. It is also said he had identified the bodies of the slain terrorists. He protested that this was untrue and the confession was forced.

The court then told him that he could cross-examine the witnesses. Do you think that someone like Afzal, with no expertise whatsoever, can conduct a cross-examination in such a high-profile case, his supporters also say.

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