Prepare for apocalypse- ISIS recruits in India were told

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As the National Investigating Agency pieces together evidence against Areef Majeed the youth from Kalyan who returned to India after joining the ISIS a few months back, they have stumbled upon various NGO's which help such a cause.

There were a large number of Wahabi scholars who had visited India in the past couple of years and according to an intelligence bureau report the number was around 25000. These scholars came to India, preached and also ensured that several NGO's such as the Islamic Guidance Society were set up in a bid to help youth who wanted to go abroad and fight the war to set up the Sharia law.


The contact:

In the case of Areef Majeed he was indoctrinated over the web. The various material that he got to see online is what pushed him into joining the ISIS.

During the investigation it was found that Majeed had repeatedly tried getting in touch with a person online on details of how to reach the ISIS war ground in Iraq. There was no response for over a month. However a month later he was told to get in touch with one person in Thane who would help him.

In the meantime, Majeed also got in touch with a person named Fayaz Khan who is said to have introduced him to the members of the Islamic Guidance Society. This NGO according to the NIA had helped him with the money and also made arrangements for his travel.

According to the NIA, he was told to go to the Shaheen Travels in South Bombay and collect his tickets. Oneindia had earlier reported that Majeed and the rest had gone as pilgrims to Karabala and from there whisked away by the ISIS to Mosul. The contact person in Iraq for Majeed was a person by name Abu Fatima.

The Islamic Guidance Society:

This NGO is under the scanner for some of its activities. It has around 30 persons who are part of it and has allegedly facilitated several Wahabi scholars from various parts of the world to come down to India and lecture the youth.

The primary agenda of the Wahabis is to implement the Sharia law across the world and they believe that the only way possible is by fighting.

According to the investigation the Islamic Guidance Society has time and again held meetings in various areas of Thane such as Mumbra, Bhiwandi and also Kalyan. They have been saying that the Muslim youth must prepare for the apocalypse. This is only possible through Ghazwa-e-Hind and the time has come for an Islamic war on India.

More NGOs:

The NIA says that such NGO's have taken it upon themselves to help the misguided youth. It is more important that these facilitators are booked as they are far more dangerous than the actual recruits. Such NGO's have been named in reports of the Intelligence Bureau too which have facilitated the visits by the very hard line Wahabis into India who are doing their best to change the mindset of several youth who get easily misguided, the NIA also points out.

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