Mumbai no more safe for women; TV serial actress harassed

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Women Harassed
Mumbai, Dec 23: The Dream City -- Mumbai is no more safe for women. Rape, sexual assault, harassment seem to have become a daily news which rock the city. Now, a TV serial actress -- Alefia Kapadia has been harassed.

The actress filed a case with Mumbai Police. The 28-year-old actress, who is known for her role as Latika in the popular soap opera Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Mitha Mitha Pyaara Pyaara, informed how a person harassed her while she was on her way back to home.

Alefia informed that a man in a Chevrolet with the plate number MH01PA598 drove up close to her car, and started harassing her with questions regarding her Facebook account. He also allegedly harassed her after being ignored by the actress.

He later came too close to my car, scratched it, leaving it damaged to an extent

Mid-Day quoted the actress as saying, "He later came too close to my car and scratched it, leaving it damaged to an extent, without even bothering about the fact that there was a toddler in the car who got petrified watching what was happening. Shocked by what he just did, I stopped my car, and he too stopped his vehicle extremely close to mine, thus blocking my path. He even tried opening my car door, which luckily I had shut. Later, he went on to abuse and yell unnecessarily. A few minutes later I frantically started making calls, which he noticed, and that's when he decided to escape in his vehicle."

"It was a slum area around and the man was trying to take advantage, because he saw two women in a car. Thanks to the support and encouragement of a few friends, I decided to file a police complaint." An FIR was registered against an unidentified driver at Shahu Nagar police station. Kapadia also described the ordeal in a Facebook update, posting photographs of the man as well," added Alefia in her complaint.

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