Administration isn't a child's play Mr Akhilesh Yadav, ask Mamata

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Akhilesh a failure: Did we count Mamata
Kolkata, Sept 16: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is facing flak for not being able to handle the administration of his state. Well enough, he should learn the tricks of the trade fast before it gets too late.

But Akhilesh's drawback as an administrator looks little when compared to Mamata Banerjee, a seasoned politician and who took over as the chief minister of West Bengal two years ago. This is not the first time that Banerjee is having a stint as a minister either and had served under various central governments in the past.

But look at the state of affairs of her administration. It doesn't even know whether to go right or left. Banerjee's party and administration (both have a common head in her) are busy ruining West Bengal systematically but all of the sinister act, the one which poses the biggest threat is the way the administration is handling key fields like education and health.

The Mamata govt has failed to protect the softer sections of the society

Events after events have been rocking common men's lives in West Bengal and Banerjee's administration has no clue, even after half its tenure got over. The latest in the list are the shocking ransacking of an old school in the wake of the death of a student and the 'mistake' of administering Hepatitis B to 114 children in Hoogly district when they needed Polio! And we have the perennial problem of child deaths in hospitals.

The chief minister had told after coming to power that all those babies who died in the hospital were conceived when the Left Front was in power! Now, what will she say? Threaten couples not to expand their families till a friendly government at the Centre allocates more funds to improve the heath service infrastructure in her state?

If Akhilesh Yadav's government is accused of playing with fire (read communal politics) leading to loss of lives, Banerjee's government should be held no less guilty. It has failed to give security to any of the softer sections of the society, whether it is women, children, students, farmers, even though making tall claims about its 'cent per cent achievement' record.

It is a sad story that leaders like Mamata Banerjee takes all the help of a democratic system to rise but returns little to the latter. Whether she doesn't have anything more than the firebrand street politician in her is for herself to decide. But she can't go on learning how to drive a car in a crowded street and sacrifice a few valuable lives till she masters the task at hand.

The nation fears the third front more than either the Congress or the BJP for this unidentified political grouping has some terrorising leaders to offer as an alternative. If one theory rejects the Gujarat or Chhattisgarh models of governance as unfit for the entire country, there should also be a consensus about the disapproval of the Uttar Pradesh or West Bengal models of (mis/non)governance.

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