Why Youth for BJP is Power, explains Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi
Jaipur, Sept 10: Addressing the youth of the country, Modi claimed, "I am seeing the anger of the youth. And my young friends, do you know the strength you have. The youth of Rajasthan can give a new direction. But you have to do one thing - no youth must be left unregistered as a voter."

Once again hurling his attack on Congress, Modi said, "For Congress, youth is a voter but for us Youth is power, the strength of India. Youngsters must be excited to become voters."

Congratulating the BJP in Rajasthan under Vasundhara Raje's leadership, Modi said, "I congratulate the Rajasthan BJP for this. This is a strength of organisation. There is a wave, people want to defeat the Congress-led Government in Delhi."

Urging the youth to cast their vote during the election, Modi said, "The ballot box does not fill till you do not come out, the strength of the workers is very important."
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Modi curses Cong for destroying path created by Vajpayee:
Praising the two veterans of BJP -- Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani, Modi said, "Nation remembers the NDA Government under Atal ji and Advani ji. When we remember the Jaipur-Delhi highway we remember Atal ji. But what is happened to it?"

"UPA did not walk on Atal ji's path but it did not even keep the paths Atal ji created in good shape. Margaret Alva ji the Governor of Rajasthan herself said that it is not possible to travel on Jaipur-Delhi highway," added Modi while cursing the state government for failing to continue the good work done by NDA.
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Narendra Modi corners Congress with 2 questions:
Speaking about the current crisis that the country has been going through, Modi said, "What is the situation of the Rupee? Gujaratis and Marwari understand commerce well. Sadly, Rupee is in the hospital."

Raising few questions for Sonia Gandhi-led party, the BJP leader said, "Question for Congress is - do we save the Government or the falling Rupee. Other question is do we save our image or the nation?"

"Sadly Congress wants to save its own image and the Government," added Modi without trying to hide his disappointment with the government.
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How Cong invented new way of reciting alphabets, explains Modi:
Speaking about the several corruption cases which have stormed the nation in last few years, Modi asserted, "Congress has invented a new way to recite alphabets with each letter standing for something different. Now a students will learn A for Adarsh Scam, B-Bofors Scam, C-CWG Scam, D- Damad Ka Karobar."

"Corruption is a part of Congress. The person who is more corrupt succeeds in Congress. With Congress we cannot make India corruption free. To make India corruption free the medicine is to free ourselves of Congress," claimed the Gujarat CM.
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Difference in Congress, before & after 1947, Modi explains:
Explaining the differences in Congress party before and after the independence of the country, Modi said, "There is a big difference between Congress of before 1947 and after it. After 1947 it is immersed in Bhakti of one family." The Gujarat CM's statement was a direct attack on the Gandhi family.

On the contrary, Modi claimed that "...BJP is immersed in Bharat Bhakti. It is for the well being of the 125 crore people of India."

After attacking the Gandhis, Modi slammed the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Continuing his speech, the Gujarat CM asked, "Do we know what was raised by PM in G-20 summit?"

Speaking about Manmohan Singh's latest controversial statement that he would be ready to work under Rahul Gandhi, Modi said, "When he returned what did he say - who he wants to work under. We have seen a Government that lacks ability to lead and take decisions. There is absolutely no accountability. They are not willing to answer anything."
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Does each Congressman want poison in Rajasthan, asks Narendra Modi:
Continuing his attack on Congress, Modi claimed, "People told me, we made a mistake 5 years ago, we are going to correct that mistake of the last election."

Speaking about Raje's struggle for the last few years as opposition leader, Modi said, "Vasundhara ji was saying that the Rajastan CM says he is working very hard, even drinking poison."

What is it that every Congressman wants poison in Rajasthan? And I think the remedy to corruption is in poison? If we see the poor situation of the nation today, we need to think why it has happened."
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Narendra Modi throws open challenges to Congress in Jaipur:
Modi, finally, began his speech with his signature tune -- "Bharat Mata ki Jay". Throwing an open challenge to the ruling state government, Modi claimed, "The direction of the wind is clear. On the land of Rajasthan there will be a sea of change."

Urging people to support Vasundhara Raje in upcoming election, Modi said, "Vasundhara ji has gone among the people, shared their joys and sorrows. Vasundhara ji has compassion for the people of Rajasthan. She lives for the people of Rajasthan."

Speaking about Raje's popularity in the state, Modi said, "I did not read in news on Yatra but when I met people from Rajasthan they told me - next week we are going to Rajasthan. Everywhere this is happening they said we are going for Vasundhara ji's Yatra."
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Narendra Modi, entire BJP is with you, asserts Rajnath Singh in Jaipur:
Supporting Raje, Rajnath Singh claimed, "In the last five years, the Congress Government has not fulfilled its promises. There is no comparison between Vasundhara ji's Government with the current Government under Ashok Gehlot."

The BJP President, however, concluded his speech hailing the Gujarat CM and showing his complete support to the star campaigner. Singh claimed, "Narendra Bhai you are not alone, the entire BJP, the entire nation is with you."
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Modi most popular leader in India, says Rajnath Singh in Jaipur:
Repeating his statement, what he recently has claimed in Chhattisgarh, BJP President Rajnath Singh once again reiterated that Narendra Modi is one of the most popular leaders of the country.

Hailing the huge crowd gathered at the venue, Singh said, "The sight I am seeing today in this land of Rajasthan, I have never seen. This is the land of the brave. I extend my greetings to the elderly and the youth."
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Modi in Jaipur; Vasundhara Raje takes sword to attack Congress:
Vasundhara Raje took the privilege to address the crowd as Modi and Singh were invited to the centre stage. Attacking the ruling state government by Congress' Ashok Ghelot, Raje said, See where Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh have gone and see what happened to Rajasthan in last 5 years. If we had remained in Government I am sure you would have got 24 hours electricity."

Raje criticised the state government for failing to solve the crisis regarding water problem in Rajasthan. She also spoke about a developed Rajasthan that will be build with support of all communities, all sections of society.
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Narendra Modi storm reaches Jaipur:
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the star campaigner of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), reached Jaipur to participate in the "Suraj Sankalp Yatra", the concluding rally ahead of assembly elections in the state.

Modi was taken to the venue amid tight security. Three routes were finalised to take the Gujarat CM to the ground for security reasons and the actual one was not revealed.

Around 1,500 VIP passes have been issued for the event. Separate blocks also have been created to accommodate the audience. Party workers had been instructed to encourage people across the society to attend the rally.

Modi, the chief of election campaign committee of the party, was accompanied by BJP President Rajnath Singh andstate BJP president Vasundhara Raje.
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