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Wow! First she saved her husband from dying & soon after, gave birth to first child


St Paul (Minnesota), Oct 27: Sometimes, life can be so unbelievable that it even puts fairy tales to shame. The story of the Goette family is one such example. A woman did two things within a span of four days - she saved a life and then gave birth to another life.

Wow! First she saved her husband from dying & soon after, gave birth to first child

Ashley Goette, who was about to go into labour to give birth to her first child, woke up from sleep to see something terrible. Her husband Andrew got a heart attack and was gasping for air in the bed. This happened last week, TODAY reported.

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The next four days marked the biggest test in the life of the woman and she came out with flying colours. It so happened that Ashley got up early in the morning of October 16 and saw Andrew struggling to breathe because he had a heart attack. Her aide called the emergency number of 911 and the dispatcher asked her to give her husband CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) till medical help arrived. Twenty-eight-year-old Ashley, an elementary teacher by profession, started giving her husband CPR though she had all the worries in the world thinking about what was in store for her had her husband did not survive.

"When (the paramedics) were standing in the house and doing CPR, I was thinking, 'I cannot have this baby and not have Andrew be here'. That was going through my head all day," Ashley told TODAY.

Andrew was then shifted to the hospital for treatment. He was kept in a medically induced coma to help him avert a damage to the brain. According to TODAY, doctors had found the man born with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a rare ailment in which an extra electrical pathway in the heart leads to rapid heartbeat.

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The doctors were overwhelmed by Ashley, a just-about-to-turn mother who saved her husband's life and then went on to give birth to another life - their first son named Lennon - all within a span of four days.

"Within a four-day span, she saved a life and she brought a new life into the world. That's amazing," TODAY quoted Dr Alex Teeters, a pulmonary and critical care doctor who treated Andrew Goette at United Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, as saying.

Andrew himself also considered it to be a miracle, saying his returning from the clutches of death to see the birth of his son was one "heck of a story".

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