When Bernie Sanders sounded like an American aam aadmi leader

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Des Moines (Iowa), Feb 2: Democrat Bernie Sanders, the junior Senator of Vermont who fell short by less than a per cent vote share to Hillary Clinton, thanked Iowa after the state's caucus results were out.

"Thank you, Iowa thank you," said the 74-year-old leader who smiled as his supporters went on chanting "Bernie, Bernie".

Bernie Sanders

"Taking on the most powerful political organisation"

Sanders was seemingly satisfied with his 49.6 per cent as against Hillary's 49.9 per cent as he said he had no strong organisation, money or recognition while taking on the "most powerful political organisation of the US".

"O'Malley won respect of Americans"

He thanked his opponents, including former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley who failed to secure less than one per cent vote and suspended his campaign for the presidential nomination. On O'Malley, Sanders said he had won the respect of the American people.

"A message to political, economic, media establishments"

Sanders also said through the Iowa caucus results, the people sent a sound message to America's political, economic and media establishment. He said they don't want money of the billionaires and corporates of the country and thanked the people for their individual contributions.

He also hit out at a corrupt campaign finance system and said the country didn't want a weak economy.

Attacking the Wall Street

Sanders said Americans were being "financially punished" for receiving education and he stressed public institutions should be tuition-free. On generating revenues, he said he would instead tax the speculation of the Wall Street, which he attacked in harsh terms.

"Republicans never take up climate change issue"

Sanders also spoke on job, education and climate change. He said it is necessary to change the US's energy system from fossil fuel and said the Republicans never took up the issue for the fear of losing campaign funds.

"Iowa began a political revolution"

Sanders also mentioned his favourite term "political revolution" at the end of his speech saying Iowa has begun a political revolution.

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