Video: Canadians refuse to lose faith in Muslims despite Ottawa attack

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Hamilton (Canada), Oct 29: The country, including its prime minister, was shaken by an attack on its parliament last week which led to the murder of a soldier. But yet, the ordinary Canadians are not ready to give up what is considered the biggest virtue of humanity: faith.

Three friends conducted a social experiment in Hamilton in Ontario recently in the wake of the Ottawa attack to gauge the mood of the common people. It was expected that the common Canadians would be angry and upset.

But the video they shot on the streets said something entirely opposite.

The video experiment led by Omar Albach, a teenage student from York University, saw an actor dressed in traditional Islamic attire standing in the queue in a bus stop. Another actor comes up to the first man and repeatedly asks him to move away from the bus stop for he feared he could be armed and commit acts of terror.

But none of the bystanders agreed to see the 'Muslim' as a terror suspect and strongly objected to the 'racist' attitude of the second actor. One of them said an entire community couldn't be punished because of some fanatics' fault. One person got so upset that he hit the 'racist' man on his face, leaving his nose bleeding.

Albach later told WorldViews in an interview that he wanted to see how Canadians actually felt about Muslims.

Hamilton is the home town of the soldier who was shot dead by a gunman who was allegedly an Islamic convert while guarding Ottawa's National War Memorial.

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