US: Online petition urges Barack Obama to return 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

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Washington, Oct 20: The US President Barack Obama has been urged to return his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, as there has been an online clamour.

According to reports, Americans have been urging the Obama administration to return the Nobel Peace Prize for 'millions killed'. [Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for 2009]

US President Barack Obama

On Thursday, Oct 8, The White House published the petition on its website. [Obama donates Nobel prize money to charities]

The petition described the foreign policy of the US, under Obama's presidency as failed and murderous policy", particularly in the Middle East region, Syria and Libya.

[Nobel peace prize to Obama was mistake, says ex-secretary]

The petitioner has also suggested that Americans should welcome the Russian air strikes on Islamic terror group ISIS.

The petition reads, "In order to signify a change in our failed and murderous policy of "regime change" in the Middle East, which only continued the harm done by the previous Administration, the President should return his Nobel peace prize.

The destruction of Syria, like the destruction of Libya, will only result in a much worse situation. We should stop interfering and fomenting propaganda, and let the Russians have their chance to bring peace to the area. The dual goal of regime change and removal of ISIS is not compatible - man cannot serve two masters.

Millions have been killed or dislocated, at a cost of trillions. It is time to do the honorable thing and stop this.

Mr. President, please return your Nobel peace prize."

In order to come into force, the petition needs to gather 100,000 people by Saturday, November 7.

Obama received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on the basis of his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people."

Off late, he has been heavily criticised for the airstrikes that have claimed many innocent lives.

[Obama did nothing to deserve 2009 Nobel Peace Prize: Rumsfeld]

In 2011, the former US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, had criticised President Barack Obama's foreign policy saying that he should stop apologising for America, and added that he had received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for "hope" and not for "accomplishments".

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