The most influential lady ISIS tweeter- A Seattle resident?

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The influx of people from the West into the ISIS has been the hot subject of debate.

Very recently there was a sudden influx of women into the ISIS, and while it was being debated whether these were the lethal suicide bombers, it was found that they were going to the ISIS to support the men.


While it has been seen that the women in the ISIS have done various jobs right from spying to cooking and caring for the men, here is another shocker.

Who is @_UmmWaqqas? This account had 18,000 followers before it was closed down on April 17th 2014. An investigation conducted by Channel 4 has revealed that this account was being run by a lady in her 20s and hailed from Seattle.

Who is @_UmmWaqqas?

A British national, hers was one the handles that were listed by the ISIS sites for contact information. A lot like the @shammiwitness case, this handle too provided a lot of information about the activities of the ISIS.

Such twitter accounts are extremely crucial for the ISIS. These are considered to be the accounts of people who do work for the ISIS without associating directly with them.

They re-tweet ISIS tweets and more importantly give out the travel details for those persons wanting to reach either Syria or Iraq.

The Channel 4 probe shows that the lady is from Seattle. It was found that in one of her accounts she had posted pictures where she was at Seattle.

Further it was also found that she could be on British origin and her name is most likely to Rawdah Abdisalaam.

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The ISIS travel guide is what sells the most:

Several accounts that have been investigated are said to be giving out travel information. These persons come out on their own and begin tweeting for the ISIS. A set of people keep a watch on their most loyal followers and gradually hand them out with a more important job.

In an ISIS sympathetic website, information on whom to contact is very often provided. These are normally the twitter accounts of ISIS sympathizers. In the @shammiwitness case, it was found that he had been re-tweeting information.

However, in the case of Rawdah, the investigation by Channel 4 had found that the lady was the contact person for travel details.

But there is no information on her whereabouts and there are contradictory views on her location with some saying that she may in Saudi, Colorado or Denver.

How the ISIS picks and chooses:

For the ISIS the propaganda on the social media is one big part of the war they wage.

Sympathisers follow ISIS related tweets closely and re-tweet them. Sometime there are only re-tweets while in other ocassions, there is also justification of the brutality.

When the ISIS feels that these persons can be trusted, then they hand out additional information to them.

A travel guide for those wishing to the join the ISIS, the how to join the ISIS guide and most importantly those beheading videos are provided to the select few first.

These persons in turn would have to tweet this information or post it on other social media sites.

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