Terror has a new face and it is called "Propaganda"

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Cairo, Nov 2: Terrorist groups are very often known to claim responsibility for incidents even if they are not behind it. Hence the claim by the ISIS that they downed the Russian airliner in the Sinai peninsula comes as no surprise.

The claim comes in the wake of the Russian forces fighting the ISIS in Syria.


Speaking to several experts, one gets the impression that the claim by the ISIS is more propaganda oriented than real.

The ISIS has been battered in Syria after Russia intervened and hence it was only natural for the outfit to claim responsibility for this incident.

On Saturday a Russian airliner crashed in Egypt;s Sinai Peninsula killing all 224 on board. As investigators look into the incident, there are various theories that have cropped up.

The pilot did not send out any distress signal to divert the plane and hence foul play is being ruled out. However, the probe is still open ended and the possibility of a bomb exploding in the plane is also being probed.

Can ISIS bring down a plane?

For now the claim by the ISIS has been downplayed by both Moscow and Cairo. Experts say that the ISIS does have the capability of bringing down a plane that is flying at 9,000 metres.

The other reason why the ISIS claim cannot be considered as accurate is because one would need hard to use missiles.

The ISIS does not have the capabilities of launching such a missile attack. There is nothing to show that the ISIS has developed such capabilities either.

ISIS known to make tall claims:

Bringing down an airline does add to the profile of any terrorist organization. It gives them the sense of supremacy that they are capable of hitting airlines which gives them a very dangerous profile which terrorist groups always thrive upon.

Recently the ISIS had claimed that it had sourced nuclear weapons through a corrupt scientist in Pakistan.

This was however never ascertained and investigations showed that the ISIS was lying. Similar was a case in which the ISIS had once again claimed that it had developed biological weapons another claim that remained unsubstantiated.

The ISIS is not the only group to make such claims. There have been similar claims made by the al-Qaeda in the past. Terror has a new face these days and it is called propaganda.

Terrorist groups find it easier and beneficial to claim responsibility for attack they have not carried out. Take for instance lone wolf attacks. An al-Qaeda or an ISIS would have no contribution to a lone wolf attack, but still walk away with the credit claiming responsibility for the same.

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