Post Brexit, is Northern Ireland eyeing a united Ireland?

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London, June 24: Although 52 per cent favoured Brexit in the historic referendum which took place on June 23, a question has been raised over the 'United' tag of the UK.

Of the 48 per cent which voted to remain in the UK are London, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The rest has favoured the exit plan. [UK votes to leave EU]

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Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has, for instance, called for a border poll on a united Ireland after the UK preferred to exit the EU.

The support for the EU is quite high in Northern Ireland than in the rest of the UK. The country, which shares a border with the Republic of Ireland, receives significant financial backing from the EU in the form of 'peace money' to fund projects as part of the peace process in the wake of the ethno-nationalist conflict called the Troubles. [After UK exits EU, will we see pro-remain Scotland exiting UK?]

Parties of Northern Ireland including Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance have largely campaigned to stay in the EU. The only exception is the Democratic Unionist Party which has favoured Brexit.

Those who have favoured a united Ireland have asked whethern an effective border will have to be erected around mainland Great Britain, cutting off Northern Ireland from Great Britain (the Great Britain along with Northern Ireland is called the UK). [What did PM Cameron say after Brexit?]

Scotland also not happy

The Scots, who went to a referendum in 2014 eyeing independence from the UK, might take another attempt at it after the UK decided to exit the EU. The Scots have overwhelmingly voted in favour of remain but were outnumbered by the pro-exit votes in the rest of the UK. [How Brexit will affect India?]

Wales for Brexit

Wales, the fourth member of the UK, however, favoured Brexit as like England. With 52.5 per cent of the country's voters backing Leave, Conservative Welsh leader and Leave supporter Andrew RT Davies said the countrt's politics had changed forever.

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