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Obama's ISIS remark: Do we smile or nod our heads in despair

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Washington, Apr 2: Going by what President of the United States of America had to say on the ISIS, it appears that the outfit was one up in this battle.

He said yesterday that as the ISIS continues to get squeezed out in Syria and Iraq, it will unleash terror elsewhere in the world.

Obama's ISIS remark: Do we smile?

It is extremely difficult to decide whether one needs to feel happy or disgusted with the statement by by Obama.

The writing was on the wall and the ISIS was using Syria and Iraq as a stage. Radicalised youth would go to Iraq and Syria only to return to their home countries and unleash terror.

The war was always beyond Iraq and Syria:

What many failed to see or did not want to see is the manner in which the ISIS was building its army on the world stage.

Thousands would flock ISIS camps in Syria and Iraq, train hard and return to their home countries. France and Belgium are classic examples of this scenario.

The ISIS believes in the concept of networked cells. It has set up camps for every nation in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS's defeat at home prompts group to terrorise EuropeISIS's defeat at home prompts group to terrorise Europe

For instance an Indian joining the ISIS would be part of the Hind camp. However these persons from foreign lands are instructed to stay on only for a particular amount of time and return home when they are battle ready.

The biggest threat that is being faced is in Europe. Thousands have left home to join the ISIS. However what many did not notice was when the US was supposedly squeezing out the ISIS in Iraq and Syria many had already returned home- radicalised and battle hardened.

Donald Trump needs to get it right:

Donald Trump the Republican frontrunner for the post of President makes sure he speaks about sealing the border for refugees. While his suggestion is good in a lot many ways, the real problem is elsewhere.

The border needs to be sealed for those who have trained with terror groups and return to their home land.

Operation botched up as ISIS Indian recruit chickened outOperation botched up as ISIS Indian recruit chickened out

These are persons who cause the bulk of the problem when they attack lone wolf style. The same could be witnessed in France and Belgium where the locals who had trained with the ISIS returned home to carry out these horrific attacks.

The extent of the problem is quite vast today. Belgium alone had 250 of its nationals training with the ISIS. The number from the whole of Europe is around a 1,000.

In addition to the problem of ISIS returnees is the problem of radicalisation online. Apart from the trained fighters, there are many who have radicalised themselves without leaving their home turf.

This problem we found in India when a bunch of self-styled ISIS fans had joined together to orchestrate a series of blasts in the country.

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