Not a scientist, but an undergraduate spotted water on Mars

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Arizona, Sept 29: Meet Lujendra Ojha, a science-fiction fan and an undergraduate student of geosciences at the University of Arizona. Ojha is not just transfixed by metaphysics, but is also fascinated by string theory, multiple universes and time travel. In fact, he also wishes to build a time machine.

Now comes the revelation. Ojha is the discoverer of saltwater flows on Mars. The 21-year old is also the co-author of a new study in the Science journal, implying that the water is briny and salty as the surface of Mars is salty.


Many would call it a chance dicovery, but for the keen eyes of the young researcher the exploration was possible. The mind-boggling discovery was made in an independent project that he was doing with professor Alfred McEwe. With collaborators from University of Arizona, researchers were more keen on seasonal changes in the gullies.

Ojha used technologies to remove the various shadows and othert visual distortions from the gullies in different seasons and observe the changes.

That is when the young student found the differences over time. Calling it a "lucky accident", OJha said," When I first saw them, I had no idea what it was. I just thought it was a streak made by dust or something similar."

While the evidences are yet to be confirmed, the source of water (if any) need to be traced.

Ojha justifies,""There's going to be years of research put into this to even prove that this is definitely a proof of water. And from that, we can move on: OK if this is water, what are the chances that life could be in these kinds of surroundings?"

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