New Iraqi leaders get US president Obama's word of praise

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New Iraqi leaders get US president Obama's word of praise
Washington, Aug 12: US President Barack Obama on Monday praised the new Iraqi leaders who occupied office recently, said a USA Today report.

"This is an important step towards forming a new government that can unite Iraq's different communities," Obama said. He also called for formation of a new Cabinet in Iraq "as quickly as possible" and also pledged U.S. support. This comes less than a week after Obama administration approved US airstrikes to fight militant Islamic State in northern Iraq.

Iraq witnessed a major political revival on Monday when the nation's President Fouad Massoum chose Haider al-Abadi as prime minister-designate, and asked him to form a new government. The current occupant of the post Nouri al-Maliki called the act illegal and accused the United States of standing "on the side of violating the constitution."

The US president had made repeated calls for formation of a new cabinet in Iraq. 

"There is no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq," said Obama on Tuesday adding that Iraqis must solve their own problems. The strife-torn country needs a government "that addresses the needs and grievances" of all the nation's people and religious factions, said Obama. Obama also said his "limited" military operations - designed to protect U.S. personnel and religious minorities under siege by militants - are making progress.

It is known that the US president also spoke to the new Iraqi prime minister-designate by phone.

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