Nepal earthquake: Damage would have been worse if it was 8.4

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Kathmandu, Apr 25: A survey that was conducted by the Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Project recently had suggested that if Nepal were to be hit by an earthquake measuring 8.4 on the richter scale at least 40,000 people would have lost their lives.

In the year 1934 Nepal had been hit by an earthquake measuring 8.4. [Devastating earthquake leaves over 850 dead in Nepal, 36 dead in India]


The earthquake today measured 7.9 on the ritcher scale and the death toll has already crossed 850. The survey also goes on the draw a comparison between the 1934 earthquake and the present day scenario while detailing the preparedness of Nepal administration.

What the survey stated?

If Nepal were to be hit by an earthquake measuring 8.4 like it did in 1934 there would be at least
around 40,000 death and over a lakh people may suffer serious injury.

The survey also stated that six out of the ten buildings in Nepal would collapse and 95 percent of water supply pipes might explode and 50 percent of bridges and 10 percent of roads could collapse in the valley.

Further it was also stated that the major hospitals in Kathmandu are poorly built that most of them would be non-operational and the remaining ones will also see services disrupted.

Awareness to earthquakes:

Most of Nepal's inhabitants are too poor or not educated enough the be able to be concerned about this risk, to improve the construction of their house or even to buy and to periodically update their survival kits.

Even in Japan, a country which is very rich and uses strict building codes building were damaged by the 8.9 earthquake of March 11, 2011. 

In Nepal/Kathmandu several hospitals will collapse as well and probably Kathmandu Airport and important road will be heavily damaged as well, the survey also noted.

Scientists had warned that the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is a high-risk city unprepared for the next big earthquake. The scientists had also noted that Kathmandu is one of the most vulnerable cities in the world.

Experts had noted during the previous earthquake in 2011 that this was a wake up call. The overcrowded capital of Kathmandu which is home to nearly 2 million people would be badly affected and they are connected to the rest of the world by three roads and one airport.

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