Mystery of Egyptian king Tutankhamun unravelled

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Cairo, May 15: Tutankhamun-the handsome teen ruler of Egypt 3,000 years ago has an air of mystery, even after death. However, scientists have discovered surprising things about him that have taken the world by shock.

According to the 'BBC One documentary called Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered', the Pharaoh was nothing close to what is described in History books. With the help of computer scans and current analysis, scientists have determined that he has a "buck" tooth, a club foot and 'feminine' hips.

Mystery of Egyptian king Tut unravelled

Zahi Hawass, the secretary general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities said,"We know that this man had 130 walking sticks and that he used to shoot arrows while he was sitting as a result of his club foot".

Radiologists have also revealed that as a result of incest, King Tut had developed Kohler's disease or death of the bones, which was very painful. In fact, a fracture found in his leg led scientists to reconsider the reason behind his death. The fact that he was killed by a blow on his head while riding a chariot has been nullified already since he is considered to be incapable of riding one, given his physical attributes.

Mystery of Egyptian king Tut unravelled

It has also been revealed by a virtual autopsy that his parents were siblings. Incest was not illegal in ancient Egypt and Egyptians were unaware of the health problems that arose from incest.

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