Million-dollar question: Who are you betting on--Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

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Washington, Nov 8: With just few hours to go for the US Presidential Elections 2016 on November 8, reports say more people are betting on this poll than ever before.

The whole world is asking--Who will be the next President of the US?

Clinton Trump

Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

It has been a tight race for both the Democratic Presidential nominee and Republican Presidential nominee, as suggested by various opinion polls.

In such a confused scenario, the gambling market is upbeat.

People are risking millions into online platforms in the hope of winning big moolah by predicting the right winner.

According to Reuters, the 2016 presidential campaign is on track to be the most wagered-upon political event in history.

Betfair--a UK-based online exchange--reported that $130 million had been traded on US presidential predictions, while Brexit topped out at $159 million.

"We think it is because [of] how raw the Brexit [vote] is in people's minds - they're not convinced yet that it's a done deal," Betfair spokeswoman Naomi Totten said.

Betfair says that predicting the "next president" of the US is expected to even surpass Brexit betting.

However, the law significantly limits betting on elections in the United States.

So, all these exchange of money is happening in the grey market, say experts.

Moreover, a majority of the big-dollar political betting occurs outside America.

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