Malaysian PM's cover up: Visits MH 370 search site amid criticism

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Najib Razak
Kuala Lumpur, April 2: Things haven't been hunky dory for the Malaysian authorities ever since the Malaysian Airline MH370 disappeared on March 8. While the country is still coping to keep up with the search operation, the PM too is facing extreme criticism internally and internationally.

While 26 countries are doing their level best to retrieve the wreckage of the plane that is believed to have crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean, the Malaysian authorities are blamed for being mute spectators.

Perhaps, to avert any further criticism, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak flew to Australia on Wednesday to take a first-hand look at the search operations of the missing plane. This could also be a show of power over the operations, implying that the mission is still led by Malaysia.

James Chin, a political science professor at Monash University in Malysia said," He is trying to show that he is concerned about the search and rescue operations because ever since the crisis started he only appeared twice at a press conference. The rest of the time it was handled by the minister of transport."

To top the embarassment of the authorities, the Wall Street Journal suggested that the search operations got delayed by 3 days as Malaysia failed to give the right co-ordinates of the 'debris'.

Moreover, the search operations were laced with poor coordination between international authorities that led to search operations in the wrong area.

Malaysia has also been blamed for giving wrong information to the people when they released the last words from the plane as "All right, Goodnight", only to change later to "Goodnight, MH 370".

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