President Pranab Mukherjee meets Chinese President; more international news updates of Sept 18

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International news updates Sept 18
Bangalore, Sept 18: Scotland to vote today on whether to become independent from Britain in a referendum which has electrified the nation. Follow international news updates of the day:

11:00 pm: ISIS Vote Weighs Heavily on Senators With 2016 Ambitions

10:30 pm: Poland Wants United Nations to Limit Russia's Influence

10:00 pm: Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee meets Chinese President Xi Jinping at Rashtrapati Bhavan  

9:30 pm: John Cantlie, a British Hostage held by ISIS who appears in a new video, had been kidnapped once before in Syria.

9:00 pm:

8:30 pm:

8:00 pm: Michigan: Pregnant Woman Chases Down Thief in Parking Lot, Then Gives Birth

7:30 pm: Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan charms Delhi students with her singing skills

7:00 pm:  Asia Pacific region seeing tremendous economic growth. Set to become the largest air travel market in the world

6:37 pm:

5.40 pm: Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a military man, has remarked that "beautiful" female visitors to Thailand should not expect themselves to be safe in bikinis.

5.25 pm: Malaysia Airlines has lambasted an author from New Zealand, who wrote a book on the MH370 tragedy.

4.55 pm: Scottish tennis player Andy Murray declared Thursday his support for the "yes" campaign for Scottish independence, saying "Let's do it!".

4.15 pm: Scotland Independence Referendum: Supporters of United Kingdom at 53% in final opinion poll.

3.30 pm: Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has issued a new "warning" to the US, threatening that any ground troops deployed by Washington in Iraq.

3.11 pm: Ukraine President Poroshenko to address Congress  to meet Barack Obama.

3.05 pm: Thai PM apologises for bikini remark, days after the murder of two British tourists.

2.40 pm: Drones seen over Islamic State-controlled areas in Syria: Monitor.

2.30 pm: 2015 to be 'Visit India' year in China and 2016 to be 'Visit China' year in India, says President Xi Jinping.

2.15 pm: Dean of Karachi university shot dead.

1.32 pm: Australia makes 15 arrests after intelligence reports indicate planned terrorist attacks in country.

12.32 pm: Iran rules out cooperating with U.S. in Iraq, says Islamic State group poses broader threat than U.S. can handle

11.55 am: Polls across Scotland open as voters decide whether country should break from U.K., become independent state (read more)

10.55 am: UN on Tuesday reported significant declines in the rates of child mortality and hunger.

10.40 am: Scotland to vote today on whether to become independent from Britain in a referendum which has electrified the nation.

10.30 am: Anti-terror raids in Australia were sparked by an IS militant ordering 'demonstration killings' in the country, PM Abbott said (read more)

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