ISIS militants rape girl aged 8, others forced to listen screams

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London, Mar 9: Barbarity has no limitation for the Islamic State (ISIS) militants. Murder, mass execution and other ways to torture people makes them feel happy. In a new tale of their inhumanity this has been revealed that they rape girl as young as 8 while other children were forced to listen screams of the victim.

Narrating the ordeal, a woman who was sexually assaulted these monsters, said she saw a girl of about eight or nine being openly raped in the hall.

ISIS militants rape girl aged 8

These children were grabbed from the main hall of a school and taken to a small roo, reported the

These horrific ordeals were revealed from a report called 'Children of the Islamic State' by the anti-extremist Qulliam Foundation.

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The report describe the brutality being faced by girls and young women in the 'caliphate'.
While in captivity, young women and girls were taken and raped on a daily basis by ISIS militants, said this report.

According to this report, around 31,000 pregnant women are living in the so-called Islamic State - raising fears that their children will be raised as a new generation of bloodthirsty jihadi killers - "One of the gravest situations on earth".

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