Shocking: ISIS releases video, claims to have beheaded US hostage Peter Kassig

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Cairo, Nov 16: In a shocking incident, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) posted a new video on Sunday on the internet claiming to behead US hostage Peter Kassig.

The video was posted on Sunday and showed a masked man standing next to a headless body covered in blood claiming it was Kassig's body.

ISIS claims to behead US hostage

The masked man spoke with a British accent and said: "This is Peter Edward Kassig, a US Citizen."

According to reports, there were more beheadings in the video. Though the authenticity of the video has not been confirmed, it has sent shock waves across the internet, with many criticising the video.

Kassig, 26, who converted to Islam in captivity, also went by the name Abdul Rahman Kassig.

US, on the other hand, is working to verify video claiming to show killing of Peter Kassig by ISIS militants.

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister David Cameron expressed his concerns over the death of Kassig

In a highly choreographed sequence earlier in the video, jihadists marched at least 18 prisoners said to be Syrian officers and pilots by a wooden box of long military knives, each taking one as they passed, then forced them to kneel in a line and decapitated them.

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