In the name of the ISIS: Is the outfit really present in Pakistan?

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Bengaluru, May 26: ISIS, Al-Khorasan and Daesh. These are the names under which the ISIS is operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan these days. The ISIS had recently announced that it has launched its outfit in Afghanistan and Pakistan and this has raised a security scare in the region.

However is the ISIS really present in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Unlikely say the Intelligence Bureau officials. However there are sympathizers of the ISIS within the groups such as the Tehrik-e-Taliban who have been taking the name of the ISIS to send a strong message, " come here and support us."

Is ISIS really present in Pakistan?
The ISIS pamphlets:

In the past month, leaflets of the ISIS were found at two crime scenes in Karachi. The first during an assassination attempt on Dr Debrao Lobo and second during the bus attack in which 44 persons died. The leaflets announced the arrival of the ISIS and sent Pakistani investigators into a tizzy as they had yet another terror group to deal with.

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Indian Intelligence officials have been watching the developments relating to the ISIS in Pakistan very closely. Officials tell Oneindia that the ISIS will come to the region eventually, but at the moment lacks the resources to do so. Analysing the leaflets found at the two spots, it is very clear that it is the sympathizers of the ISIS who have staged those attacks.

There is a loud message in those leaflets. The clarion call is being made to the ISIS by its sympathizers in Pakistan to come and support them. To put it in simple terms these attacks have been carried out, " in the name of the ISIS."

Terror groups in a dilemma:

It is a known fact that the bloodiest battles in the Afghanistan and Pakistan region are fought by the Al-qaeda, Tehrik-e-Taliban and the Taliban. However all is not hunky dory within these groups which are extremely vulnerable to splits. Many within these groups feel that the ISIS would be a unifying factor and hence a message inviting them over needs to be conveyed.

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A recent clash in Afghanistan claimed 25 lives. It was reported that the members of the Taliban and the ISIS had fought each other and in the battle 25 had died. However further investigations conducted both into the Afghanistan and Karachi attacks have shown that the members of the ISIS were in reality disgruntled Al-Qaeda members who were staging attacks in the name of the ISIS.

These persons are in desperate need for money and feel that only the billion dollar worth ISIS is capable of doing so. The ISIS on the other hand does not mind the free publicity it is getting. Over a period of time, they would eventually land up in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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The ISIS will play along for now:

If someone is fighting a battle free of cost, the ISIS will not mind. As long as they are being attributed in every attack, they really would not have any problem, experts say. The ISIS will do its best of sending in the money for now and ensure that these splinter groups have enough fuel to keep fighting until the ISIS is ready to come over.

In the meantime these splinter groups will stage killings and credit the same to the ISIS. The ISIS name would spread in the region and this will also lead to creating a solid infrastructure for them. Currently the ISIS is too busy in Iraq and Syria and may not divert its attention to other regions. Until such time it would not mind the proxy battle being fought.

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