How Taliban uses the bacha bereesh against the lustful Afghan cop

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Kabul, June 17: The bacha bereesh of boys without beards are the Taliban's trojan horses. Taking full advantage that the Afghanistan police have for boys without beards or the good looking young boys, the Taliban has been using them as booby traps.

This ploy by the Taliban has worked and in the years they have managed to kill several 100 police personnel. The boys are sent to the checkpoints.

[Taliban uses 'honey trap' boys to kill Afghan police]


When the police officers show interest, they drug them which in turn helps the Taliban kill the police and cross the check point. A report by AFP states that the Taliban has figured out the weakness of the police.

Illegal sexual companionship:

The Taliban decided to use the bacha bereesh ploy after they had found that many police men had recruited these boys illegal for sexual companionship.

While according to the report the Taliban has denied using the boys, the fact is many survivors have reported abuse. The Taliban during his rule between 1996 and 2001 had banned bacha bereesh.

There have also been instances when these boys have opened fire at the check posts. After the assault at the Dehrawud district, the boy returned with the Taliban who went about checking for survivors. The boy was identified as 21 year old Matiuallah and he had been used as a honey trap by the Taliban.

The reason why many of these boys are joining the Taliban is because of alleged abuse by the police. There have been several instances where complaints have been made, but since it is the police it has not been looked into. This has made them an easy target for the Taliban.

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